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about about bitsy 3d

hi! bitsy is a little editor for little games or worlds. the goal is to make it easy to make games where you can walk around and talk to people and be somewhere.

have fun making things with bitsy!

- adam

this is a flavor of bitsy extended with 3d editor

huge thank you to adam for bitsy, sean for making the original 3d hack that inspired me to get into bitsy hacking, eventually resulting in this 3d editor, ayo, freya, dana, ash, thatguynm, rose, onion, candle and other bitsy folks for experimenting with bitsy 3d stuff early on, for their advice, conversations, support and encouragement. thank you to freya, ayo, sean, ceri, candle dana and bob for supporting me on patreon💜

- elkie

getting started:

made with bitsy | discord server | forum

contributors | version notes | report a bug | source code

scene_3d 3d scene
shift: grid, alt: select, [controlKeyDisplayName]: remove
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